unapologetic nonconformity

OYÈMI NOIZE (she/her), currently residing in Berlin, has a complex identity: black, mixed-race, east-german, mentally ill. She’s singing songs about mental health, love affairs and her blackness. Telling the stories of her life in an artistic way helped her finally emancipate from the outside gaze she was exposed to her whole life.
After she spend the past 10 years shredding in noisy bands and touring Europe and the US, she‘s now sharing her first lonely bedroom pop endeavors with the music world. Dark Acoustic pop meets dancy beats and shimmering synth sounds. Her first single $$SIS$$ is an honest ode to her sister and what it means growing up black in East-Germany.
HOUSE OF CRAZY is a hymn to all the mad people out there embracing being unapologetic about nonconformity.




$$SIS$$(EP, 2021)