Funk, Soul, Rock and elaborate Pop

Droppin’ a concert film as your debut album seems like a bold move, doesn’t it?

But once you witness Christoball perform in front of a live audience, you’ll understand that this funky cat is on a mission. On a mission to cast a vibin’ stankface on your beautiful lips:
He entices curious minds with intricate poetry, bribes the jazz police with covert tritone substitutions and then skillfully sways even the most reluctant dancers’ hips all the way to the front of the stage.

But he’s rarely alone in his artistic endeavours. His partners in crime – sometimes lovlingly called “The Coquetry” – are a flexible crew of experts in fields from luciously orchestrated fiddlery down to heavy bass deployment. Always in service of the groove.

So if you’re in the market for wild ride between soulful lyrics, tight rhythms and elaborate stagecraft – look no further!


über Christoball


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