Producer, Vocal Producer & Songwriter

What sets her apart is her unique sensitive approach and her ability to create a safe and highly creative environment for artists. Her contemporary and atmospheric sound immerses you in a world of emotion, where you can dance and dream to your heart’s content.

Her EP “Blue” is set to debut in April 2023

With a talent for creating pop, electronic pop, acoustic pop, folk, and singer-songwriter genres, she has already made a name for herself in the industry. From single features (Binary Call, Max Reuschel), to remixes (Diana Ezerex, Gregor Dys) and collaborations as a vocal producer and songwriter (Mybe, Max Reuschel, Smohle, Johnethen Fuchs).

As a synesthete, she brings a unique perspective to her craft, experiencing the emotional impact of a song in vivid visual imagery and capturing it through her acrylic paintings. Prepare to be swept away by her awe-inspiring talent and innovative approach to music. Seen in her series how i see music.

Emely Hedel lives and works in Berlin/Dresden.She is a member of Music Women* Germany, Music S Women* and participant at the Female Producer Collectives Season #2.


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EP: “Blue” (April 2023)
Single: “Too Far Gone” mit Max Reuschel (2022)
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