How does it feel wanting to be everything at once? How can one give being real a new spelling? Does folk begin with the traditional approach of a campfire and acoustic guitars or is also possible to create pop music with great depth, power and a strong message with losing the desperately missed substance to it? Kat Kempf conquers these contradictions with ease and a voice that is both soulful and powerful and a sound that is familiar and fresh all at the same time, drawing on the rich heritage of Folk and Rock while adding their own unique twist to it. Growing up in a sleepy village on the bavarian countryside amongst traditions like football on sundays, mom’s choir rehearsals and german gemütlichkeit Kempf knew early on that the world was their oyster and a place to discover. They played on stages in Europe and Australia (Berlin, Vienna, Sydney, Broome and many more) and collected countless praise whilst working as a co-lyricist, session musician and collaborator with Sarah Lesch, Wencke Wollny (Karl die Große) and Daniel Stenger (Flashbaxx, Proseccolaune). After some time behind the scences Kempf is finally back to let their talent shine live on stage again. And this time it’s the real deal again!




„Silver Spoon“ (EP, 2016)
Love & Rage (Single, 2021)
Flashbaxx ft. Kathrin Kempf – Strangers (Single from the Album „take care my friend“, 2022)