UK-Blues meets Rock 

An exciting, familiar feeling – that is what JOHNETHEN FUCHS & THE WOODS give to you.

Whether amplified with a band or solo in a singer / songwriter style: the UK-inspired FUCHS has an intuitive feel for weaving texts and melodies into little dreams. The voice falls outside the typical framework of the genre: voluminous blues vocals, delicate-soft falsetto or rough raw rock-sounds – the surprisingly versatile vocals permeate the often autobiographical songs with dedication.

THE WOODS bring the frontman with the unusual spelling to a multi-faceted indie live band level and enrich the depth of the songs.

In addition to a broad field of musical expression, vulnerability and conscious imperfectionism are what makes the artist and his work appear approachable, empathetic and lively.

Trusting sounds and a special spicy tension seem to be carefully balanced here and ensure a moving listening experience.