Acoustic Guitar, Singer/Songwriter

The warm tones of her guitar are like a blanket that gently envelops her soft voice. Fingerstyle and singer/songwriter become one. Judith Beckedorf began playing the guitar when she was 14, performing her first solo concerts early on. She then decided to further her studies in acoustic guitar and moved to Dresden, making it her chosen home base. While developing her own musical language and expression, she spent some time in Nashville, Tennessee, where American folk music inspired her to take up other instruments, such as banjo and mandolin, and sparked her passion for songwriting.

But, just like time itself, Judith Beckedorf seldom stands still. She regularly performs solo concerts and is frequently on tour with her progressive folk/americana trio “Standard Crow Behavior”, where the main focus lies on complex arrangements and vocal harmony – here she is able to combine playing guitar, banjo and mandolin with songwriting and singing.

In Nashville, she founded the concert series “International Guitar Nights” and, together with Karlijn Langendijk from the Netherlands and Vivek Advani from India, she founded “MusiSHEans”, a network project promoting female musicians.


Judith Beckedorf


Behind The Blue Sea (15.05.2020)