About Oh, my music! publisher

Oh, my music! is a German based publishing company. We solely work with artists, who are authors and performers. With our work we focus on the earning of the right collecting society from live concerts as well as synch-rights.

We are the ideal sub-publishing partner for touring artists from all over the world, who tour Germany and Europe. Foreign artists, managements or publishers can profit from our regional knowledge and our great reclamation work. You´ll get 100% of the collecting society money up to 15 months earlier, than if you would, if you choose the regular payment stream.

And because we only represent authors who also perform in bands, our catalogue is perfect for synch. All the songs were created to move a crowd. And beside that, it´s an easy to clear – one-stop-shop- catalogue.

Sounds great? Well contact Anika!

anika@oh-my-music.de / +49 176 96 3000 25